Reporting a Sexual Assault

Options for Reporting 


Seek then Speak-WSUPD offers reporting options through End Violence Against Women International’s Seek then Speak self-guided tool. Seek then Speak offers a way for survivors to explore options and get answers to questions they may have regarding Sexual Assault, Crime Victims Rights, Victim Advocacy, Medical Care, and Reporting to Police. It also offers Survivors a confidential way to document and gather critical information about their assault and begin the reporting process. For more information on Seek then Speak please go to . 

If you choose to begin the reporting process with Seek then Speak you have several options for getting the PDF generated by the tool to WSUPD when/if you choose to do so. You can also chose to contact us by any of these methods to begin reporting even if you choose not to use Seek then Speak. 

 In person– You can come to the WSU Police Department and speak with one of our sexual assault investigators in person about reporting. FIND US.

On the phone– You can call 911 or use our business line (509) 335-8548 and arrange to speak with one of our Sexual Assault Investigators on the phone to answer your questions and begin the reporting process. 

 Through an advocate– You can contact Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse (ATVP) our local community based advocacy group who offers free, confidential sexual assault advocacy and support. They can assist you in determining what the next best step for you is.  

 Email– You can email along with your preferred method of contact to Indicate you would like to speak with a sexual assault investigator about reporting. An officer will contact you the next business day to let you know your email was received and arrange for you to speak with one of our Sexual Assault Investigators. You can choose to include the Seek then Speak PDF as an attachment or wait until you are contacted by one of our investigators and arrange to give it to them directly.  

 Note– depending on when your email is sent (night, weekend, holiday) it may be several days before you are contacted by an officer. Our goal is to have someone contact you as soon as practical given your specific circumstance.  

No matter which way you choose to contact WSUPD we believe in providing survivors of sexual assault with as much control over their report and any subsequent criminal investigation as the law allows. Unless legally mandated (i.e. domestic violence, child abuse, or a victim in continued physical danger) or in other rare circumstances such as a significant threat to public safety, you can choose to provide as much or as little information to an officer as you desire. Survivors can remain anonymous and still have any information they choose to provide documented by WSUPD. For more information regarding anonymous reporting go to WSU PD Confidentiality and University Reporting Requirements