Washington State University Tips for Staying Safe

Safety Tips

  1. Most crime is committed as a result of opportunity, so the best prevention is to eliminate opportunities.
  2. Keep your residence doors, including dorm rooms, locked at all times.
  3. Limit or restrict access to your living area.
  4. Lock up wallets, purses, jewelry, cameras, and other valuables.
  5. Report suspicious persons or activities when you see them.
  6. Report safety hazards, unsafe lighting, and defective equipment.
  7. Avoid walking alone at night. Let people know where you are going.
  8. Plan you walk by choosing a safe, well lighted, and populated route.
  9. Be aware of your surroundings. Know where you are and where you are going. Know what to expect.
  10. Get to know your roommates and neighbors. Encourage checking on each other often.