WSU POLICE Sexual Assault Investigations

The Washington State University Police Department (WSUPD) is committed to investigating all reports of sexual assault, and our investigators recognize the need for a victim-centered and offender-focused response to sexual violence by law enforcement professionals.  Each and every incident is taken seriously, and we acknowledge that one of our jobs as law enforcement officers is to gather evidence, conduct criminal investigations, and hold offenders accountable for their crimes.

WSUPD has adopted best practice law enforcement strategies for investigating sexual assaults and has a team of officers trained in the investigation of sexual assaults and conducting trauma informed interviews.  These specially trained officers are available anytime to meet with you and discuss the investigatory options offered by our department.  Additionally, the officers can help you determine what direction is most appropriate for your situation and are available to assist with obtaining whatever resources are necessary to ensure your advocacy, health, and safety needs.

WSUPD sincerely appreciates every sexual assault survivor who begins the process of reporting their experience to us. We understand every survivor of sexual assault will have unique concerns during the reporting process, and we will work with each survivor individually to address those concerns.  At WSUPD, sexual assault survivors are given the time they need, and all of the relevant information they need, to make decisions that are right for them regardless of the criminal investigation.  Priority is always given to a sexual assault survivor’s physical safety and mental well-being.  WSUPD will dedicate whatever resources are necessary to accommodate the survivor’s needs, and conduct thorough criminal investigations.

Our officers are always available to speak with you if there are questions about the reporting or the investigative process. There is no requirement to provide any identifying information to get answers, and we will help you get in touch with a sexual assault advocate and obtain medical care even if you never intend to file a police report.  WSUPD strives to work in a manner that always represents the best interests of the sexual assault survivor.

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