Washington State University Motorcycles and Mopeds

WAC 504-15-250 Motorcycles and Mopeds

  • The general traffic regulations applicable to motor vehicles apply to motorcycles and mopeds. Motorcycles or mopeds may not be driven on sidewalks or in pedestrian mall areas. Owners of motorcycles and mopeds are responsible for all violations issued.
  • The university classifies mopeds and motorcycles by engine displacement (also referred to as engine size). This definition applies only to university property and does not replace or supersede the definitions established by the state of Washington for licensing purposes.
  • Mopeds. Mopeds may park only in a designated moped parking area marked by signs and/or the letters “MP” on the parking surface; and a bicycle rack unless the rack is signed to exclude mopeds. Mopeds must display a valid university moped permit during posted times. Mopeds may not park in marked motorcycle areas at any time or anywhere within designated pedestrian mall areas.
  • Motorcycles. Motorcycles may park only in spaces which are marked by signs, or the letter “M” painted on the parking surface. Motorcycles must display a valid university motorcycle permit during posted times. During all other times, these spaces are restricted to use by motorcycles only. Motorcycles may not park at bicycle racks or in designated moped areas at any time.