Washington State University Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a crime?

If it is an emergency, call 9-1-1.
For all non-emergency calls, you can reach our dispatch center at (509) 332-2521.

I live off campus. Can I report a crime to WSU Police?

A police report should be filed in the city or jurisdiction where the crime occurred. However, if you are a WSU student, staff or faculty member, and the incident occurred in the vicinity of the campus or WSU properties, we can take your report.

How do I protect my property from theft?

Many of the thefts that occur on campus can be prevented by securing your property and never leaving your property unattended. Always lock you residence door, even if you only plan on being gone for a moment. It only takes a second for a crime to occur

How do I obtain a copy of a Police Report?

To obtain a copy of a WSU Pullman Police case report, complete a Public Records Request form and submit it to WSU Public Records as directed on the form at: http://policies.wsu.edu/prf/documents/2017/06/90-05_pub-rec-req.pdf
More information about filing a Public Records Request is available on the Public Records FAQ page at:

I lost my property. How do I find out if it has been turned into Lost and Found?

If you think you have lost something on-campus, you should call the Lost & Found department in that specific area. There are many Lost & Found departments located throughout the campus.  A list of those departments can be located at:  police.wsu.edu/lost-found/
A small amount of items are turned into the WSU PD Lost & Found directly. You can call us at (509)335-8548 to report the item as lost. If you have lost keys, sunglasses or prescription glasses, we cannot check for these items since we receive so many of them. If you wish to check for these items, you need to come to the front counter of the Police Department located at 2201 E. Grimes Way, Pullman.

What do I do with the property I found?

Turn found property into WSU PD Monday – Friday, located at 2201 E. Grimes Way. If you would like to keep the item if no owner is found all applicable laws must be followed.

How do I make a public records request?

All public records requests must be done through the WSU Office of Public Records; this includes police reports.  The following form must be used when requesting records:

Can I get fingerprinted for school or work?

The Pullman Police Department takes fingerprints for campus affiliates as well as the general public. Live Scan services are available.