Washington State University Prevention of Sexual Assault


Sexual assault in any form, including acquaintance rape, violates WSU’s standards of conduct and will not be tolerated. WSU has instituted procedures to respond to violations of these standards, programs aimed at the prevention of such conduct, and interventions on behalf of victims.


The WSU Wellness Center, 335-9355, coordinates educational programs to assist in the prevention of sexual assault. Mandatory programs are held within the Greek system. Presentations are made in the residence halls and during New Student Orientation sessions. Each fall, the Women’s Resource Center offers a Sexual Assault Prevention Course.


Victims and third parties, preferably with the victim’s consent, may report sexual assaults to the WSU Police, 335-8548. Additional reporting options, including reporting to the WSU Office for Equal Opportunity, can be found here: http://oeo.wsu.edu/reporting/

Sexual assault victims, on their own or with the help of WSU personnel, are urged to seek immediate attention from the WSU or Pullman Police, as well from medical and counseling services. Victims should preserve any evidence that may be necessary to the proof of a criminal sexual offense. Preservation includes refraining from showering or bathing and saving articles of clothing worn. The Office of the Dean of Students can assist victims with adjustments in living and academic situations.

Refer to the Directory of Services for 24-hour and emergency resources on the WSU campus and in the local community.

Disciplinary Process

Victims may also report a sexual assault to the WSU Office for Equal Opportunity. Information on reporting options is available here: http://oeo.wsu.edu/reporting/  . With the consent of the victim, reports accusing a WSU student of sexual assault will be handled through WSU’s disciplinary procedures as outlined in the Student Handbook. Victims and accused students have the right to be present during a conduct hearing and to have an advisor present at that hearing. Victims will be kept informed of the status of any proceedings and the results of any disciplinary action or appeal.

Any WSU student found responsible for an act of sexual assault will face the strongest disciplinary sanctions, including suspension or expulsion. Such disciplinary action will normally proceed without regard to any civil or criminal proceeding.

Victim Guide FOR ASSAULT

  • Take control of what happens to you as a victim by making decisions.
  • If injured, seek a medical exam as soon as possible to protect your health.
  • Seek a support person who can guide you in obtaining help.
  • Report the assault to the police as soon as possible.
  • Seek out resource people such as counseling services to assist you.
  • Get involved in the healing process by doing things that you know are comfortable for you.
  • Encourage others so that they can also join the healing process.