Washington State University Cougar Security

Cougar Security

Cougar Security was created in the fall of 1985 by the University to assist the University Police Department in assuring the nighttime safety of individuals and property on the campus. Cougar Security consists of three programs: Night Patrol, Vetmed Security, and Auxiliary Units.

Night Patrol division works with police to maintain a safe campus by providing walking/bike corridor and building patrols, and escorts during hours of darkness.
Vetmed Security division provides a walking patrol of all Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine facilities. Duties include observing safety concerns and ensuring only authorized personnel are within the College’s grounds.

Auxiliary Security division assists in security at football games, basketball games, and other special events such as concerts and dances.
Cougar Security works to provide a positive, friendly, and safe environment that encourages students, the community, and the general public to attend and enjoy University events.

Mission Statement

The mission of the WSU Cougar Security is to create an impact on crimes against persons. Emphasis will be on visibility of patrols near the walking area of the campus.
Included in the overall mission will be the detection, observation and reporting of the following:

  • Suspicious Circumstances
  • Suspicious Persons
  • Property Crimes

The physical security of buildings and the identification of:

  • Safety Hazards
  • Fire Hazards
  • Security Deficiencies of Buildings are also part of the mission


  • Visible Deterrent
  • Building Security
  • Security Escorts
  • Visitor Information
  • Special Events
  • Professional Decorum
  • Prompt for Assignments


Cougar Security Escorts are available free of charge to walk with students, faculty, staff, or visitors. Escorts are provided during the academic year between campus buildings, local living areas, or any of the Washington State University grounds. To obtain a Security Escort please call (509) 432-3818 and allow fifteen to twenty minutes for your escort to arrive.


The WSU Cougar Security Program patrols the walking corridors of the campus. The members observe and report crimes in progress, safety hazards, and perform building security checks. This program provides work-study and time-slip wages for performance in the field.

Other duties include security for major events; security escort service; and a visual presence around libraries, parking lots, family housing, and residence halls. The patrol promotes a much safer environment, with the ability to assist and refer those who are in need.

This is a devoted group with the mission of serving and protecting the WSU and Pullman community.

How to obtain an Application

There are several ways to obtain an application to join the Cougar Security Program. An application can be downloaded from this website or be picked up at the Washington State University Police Department, which is located in the Public Safety Building across from the Compton Union Building (CUB). Application forms provide an outline for the hiring practices and procedures which may assist you in applying.

Applications are available for Washington State University Students in good standing.

To download click on the link: Cougar Security Application If you have any further questions you may contact the Cougar Security Office at (509) 335-4099 or e-mail us at cougarsecurity@wsu.edu

Contact us

If you have a question related to Campus Safety, please email: police@wsu.edu

If you are reporting a crime (not in progress) or would like to speak with an officer, please call: (509) 332-2521.

If you have a question relating to security at a campus event or employment opportunities, please email: cougarsecurity@wsu.edu or call the Cougar Security Office at (509)335-4099.

Mailing: Washington State University
Police Department
Cougar Security
PO Box 647300
Pullman, WA 99164-7300 Come visit us at the Public Safety building across from the CUB on the WSU Pullman Campus.